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Why the name "CrystalFruit"?

The name is a metaphor that describes the image of a split geode which, when you break them open and look inside, contain beautiful gemstones. Likewise, it is our goal to reveal the beauty inside of all of the products, services and brands of our customers (many of our projects involve turning outdated sites and logos into shiny new modern ones). Plus it sounds pretty cool!

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With clients funneling in since 2015 and officially registered in 2016, CrystalFruit has been a local Philadelphia business for over 7 years, founded by Temple University alumni John Nguyen and Drexel University alumni Cameron Spencer. Originally started as a way to gain industry experience as students, CrystalFruit has evolved over the years to serve clients from the former treasurer of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia startups to international supermodels and sports teams across the globe.


Our team today has decades of cumulative professional experience and holds over half a dozen awards in design and development. CrystalFruit LLC is proud to be a part of the Philadelphia tech scene and plan to grow our participation in fueling the growth of local tech talent through job opportunities, free education, and community initiatives such as student internships.

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